Monday, July 19, 2010

Paradise Lost

Well - looks like this is it! Desperate times calls for tough decisions, and seldom are tough decisions ever made!

The economy has forced the highly regretted, and deeply sad sale of my beloved Vulcan 1500 Cruiser that's being picked up this week. I'd say, it's akin to selling my right arm! I had so many life-treasured Rides on this, and it was a definite freedom few truly know.

Our separation is personally devastating, but as I've said earlier, I just can't enjoy the Ride given weekly news stories about downed bikes in L.A., and my adventure is just a temporary set-back.

I'm comforted at the same time, strangely, and wiser for the wisdom of its loss amidst the need to be here - a little longer - while at the same time, eyeing another beast... which would just be absolutely nuts to be caught on!

But, that's why I'd also love it! My Ride's not over.

As said at the end of the movie Gladiator: "Not Yet. Not Yet"!

Monday, May 31, 2010

An Observing Observance

This from a good friend: "There comes a point in your life when you realize: Who matters, Who never did, Who won't anymore & Who always will. So, don't worry about people from your past, there's a reason why they didn't make it to your future."

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Found out the i.d. of the recent below motorcycle death...

28-year old April E. Stirton of North Hollywood was riding her Yamaha Roadstar westbound on the 101 when she lost control of her bike and fell to the ground at more than 55 miles an hour. Stirton was hit by the rear wheels of a tow truck. Her motorcycle ended up wedged under a big rig. CHP officers say Stirton was dragged under the tow truck for more than 100 feet before the driver was able to stop the vehicle. Stirton was a stuntwoman and worked on several movies and popular TV shows such as "See How They Run," Circle of Eight," "True Blood" and "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation." Stirton was a popular woman with more than 700 Facebook friends.

Please pay your respects on her page for her family and friends.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Noh Kyogen Costume of Japanese Theatre

Trying times weigh more heavily. I disbanded the Board due to "creative tampering" by its host. May create another elsewhere. Earlier, I noted two worlds always colliding: motorcycling and being a parent. So my consciousness is more greatly in tune when not to ride - regardless of perfect days!
There's been a heightened number of motorcycle accidents on the freeways lately with three critical off the 134 East in Toluca Lake, several a week in morning rush hour, and one particular just yesterday right on the exit near my Dojo (home) that ended up with the bike under a semi, and the Rider passing on. At 6:30am, he suited and hit the start button where he lived. At 7am, he was gone. With each freeway entrance I've started on, I note an almost complete absence of yielding or care by autos and trucks that not only fly right past you as you're entering, but suddenly swerving left and right in front and behind. I just can't enjoy the ride any longer.
Combined with the news accounts seemingly every other day here in L.A., my bike's been sitting for months as more and more, I think about taking less and less risk, in order to be here for my son.
It's always been a thought somehow, that I'd spend three years on it, as an adventure, then move on to another interest, having completed Rides and events that we're always a goal. That time is only a few months away.
As of months ago, I've put the bike up for sale, and seem not to be able to bring her out again. I'd somehow find both a great sadness, and relief, if it one day sells.
I've rolled with true Bikers on Poker Runs and fundraising events, entered a few members only biker clubs when they had their fundraising events, hungout with bikers who for the most part were very cool, and had beers with and traded riding stories and motorcycle talk with weekend only warriors. I've done what I set out to do, and how many people can say that - especially this Rider, who's not a Biker - just an Adventurer on a bike!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Captain America Bike

Someday, I'll stop posing with this bike and just buy it. It was at the Easyriders Bike Show 2010 again. Haunting me for a ride!

Someday, baby! Just wait for me!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Safety Contemplation

With the week full of rain, and Saturday even more, I contemplated not going to this Chopper Fest on Sunday, thinking this event wouldn't be on. Then, on Sunday, I drove there instead of riding, as I felt the freeway would be slick from the rain and oil.

As I neared the event, I felt a little bad that I didn't ride instead, until I pulled into the lot, and found it full of cars and trucks, and not that many bikes. A truck in front of me spilled out four guys, and I asked them if they were riders and why they didn't ride instead, like me, and their response was the same. It as a safety issue. Riding a day after a hard rain, is not the wisest move for a rider!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Journey vs. Destination

I've come to realize through riding, and most probably due to living in Los Angeles, I'm more about the destination than the journey. More about the arrival than the ride.

While riding is about the ride and the enjoyment and freedom of it, at least for me, the ride is enjoyed but there is extreme caution during it which is obviously not a bad thing, it's a smart thing. But, it also lessons the enjoyment of the ride.

I remember hearing about an extreme parasailer's thought process while gliding in the air, saying he was so focused on getting to his destination safely, that he couldn't enjoy the sail.

And that sticks with me while riding, especially on the freeways of L.A. which I try to avoid whenever I can - and that for a motorcyclist, is not compatible. But the freeways here are very fast and quite dangerous. On the 405South yesterday while heading to the 2009 Int't Motorcycle Show, I observed a Harley rider ahead of me suddenly having to very sharply switch lanes in order to avoid being hit by a car next to him. The rider shook his fist at the car for a little while, and narrowly avoided going down. That was only a few cars in front of me, on the edge of Long Beach.

I hate riding the freeways here, and especially, the 405. Whenever some little voice tells me not to go on a ride, or even, take the car instead, I listen to that. After seeing this rider almost being hit in front of me, I was glad I took the car!

My rides are comforted by getting to the destination safely, vs. the journey of the ride. I'm sure the journey, for me, would be a greater ride, away from this city.